Special Events

We all treasure special times, and often people save mementos or souvenirs connected to these memories. The objects in this section show how and why people took time to have fun, what those extraordinary times meant, and how and why we remember them.

Dance Cards

Girls Athletic Association (G.A.A.) dance cards from 1939 and 1940.

Photo with Jukebox, circa 1955
Photo fo Teen Town jukebox, c1955.

Boxing Bag, circa 1915

Boxing bag used "Cyclone" Johnny Thompson as he traveled throughout the country and even Australia for fights. 

Magenta Sequin Uniform, circa 1970
Marlyn's Majorettes magenta sequin uniform, c1970.

"Pioneer Home", circa 1933
Cora Miner's, "Pioneer Home" was featured in the Chicago World's Fair, 1933.

Sheet Music circa 1895
Sheet music "Waterman Hall Waltz" and "DeKalb Polka" composed by the Gualano Brothers, c1895.

The songs were composed in around 1894-1895 and have most likely not been heard in over 100 years. Performed by Wes Carr, visit his website: www.rwcarr.com.

Sheet Music, circa 1887

Sheet music "When They Ring the Golden Bells," composed by Daniel de Marbelle, from the Kirkland Historical Society collection, 1887.

Hmong Soul Lock Necklace

Hmong Soul Lock Necklace, and tools used by Pastor Asia Yang's father who was a silversmith, on loan from Pick Museum of Anthropology, c1970.

Toothpick Holder, Circa 2010

Toothpick holder sold as fundraiser during the Sandwich Fair, on loan Sandwich Historical Society, c2010.

Wally's Bike, circa 1970
Mr. Pumpkin's (Wally Thurow) bike, the visual tradition of Sycamore's annual Pumpkin Festival, c1970.